Working together in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, we will create great pictures of you. Start with that LinkedIn portrait you need … and then strip down! It’s your photo session, what pictures do you want to shoot? Your pictures, your limits.

You select your favorite shots. I do the post production and each selected picture is delivered in full resolution, medium resolution and a handy web-ready size. Also, minor retouching is included. 

If I contacted you and asked you to model, there is no charge

Introductory session: We shoot at a location you provide, we shoot for about 45 minutes, you get to choose up to 3 final, retouched pictures from this session. I deliver 3 versions of each shot, full resolution, medium resolution and email size. The fee for this is $50

Standard Sessions: Shooting at a location you provide: $100 for the first hour, $30/30 minutes additional shoot time. 

Shooting in my studio: $250 for 2 hours. $50/30 minutes additional shoot time.

So how many pictures do you get? For every pose we shoot during your session, you will get to select your favorite picture. You can plan that each pose should take about 20 minutes to get THE shot. If you are looking through all the shots and just have to have more, $20/add’l image to cover my time processing and retouching the picture.

Free is an option... If you are interested in a session and cash is tight, do not hesitate to contact me and inquire about free sessions. I am working on a book project and if you agree to model for that project (males only for this project), we can shoot the portraits you want in exchange for you modeling for my book. You get your portraits, and I move my project forward. Also, there are gaps in my portfolio I’d like to fill. Primarily couples, and individual females. So until those areas of my portfolio fill insome, I’m offering free sessions.

A make-up artist and other additional options available as wanted/needed, additional charge applies.

Please contact me with comments or questions.